Leviev Group is an international holding and investment company owned by members of the Leviev Family. It is extremely active in an extensive range of investments in United States, Europe, and the Middle East. Leviev Group is dedicated to creating long-term value for its clients and investors.  The company's vision is to act as a strategic partner, providing capital, advisory services, contracts and strategic direction to maximize the success of each company.
           Leviev Group invests in companies with a potential to rapidly scale into market leadership. This implies potential for high growth, a strong market position, and a sustainable advantage. 
            Leviev Venture Capital invests with a clear focus in nano technology,  high tech, alternative energy and materials investments. 
             Leviev Real Estate invests in both Residential & Commercial real estate projects. 
              Our company's established contacts with governments and large corporations  in Eastern Europe provide our clients access to commodities trading  such as metals & oil products.   Leviev Trading exports traditional as well as latest technology construction products to Eastern Europe, Asia and Middle East.
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