Leviev Foundation

The Leviev Foundation is a not for profit organization - preserves Jewish identity, tradition, life, and continuity of the rich heritage and culture. One of the most important goals of The Leviev Foundation is to assist and unite Jewish entrepreneurs, new Americans and their families in business development. The foundation’s mission is to provide business contacts between members of the network and assist with funding, legal & business consulting.
      Each year the Leviev Foundation Committee which consists of Trustees & Patrons issues grants to Jewish non profit organizations preserving Jewish identity, tradition, life, and continuity of the rich heritage and culture. 
      Grants size ranges from $5,000 to $50,000.
      Each year the respective Leviev Foundation Committees which consists of Trustees and Patrons send individual invitations to a number of international organizations & corporations asking them to submit candidates for the Leviev Foundation Prizes for the coming year. The Leviev Foundation awards prizes ranging  from $25,000 to $250,000 annually.  
     The Leviev Foundation membership is by invitation only. Members are encouraged to nominate their friends and associates for membership. One must receive a recommendation from 2 existing members, trustees or patrons. Membership can be corporate, family or individual. Membership contribution is 10% of net profits but no less than $1800/annually, generated by using member’s contacts, must be donated to The Leviev Foundation. The Member of the Leviev Foundation is entitled to the full benefits and privileges of such membership.
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P.O.Box 392 | Alpine, NJ 07620 | 1.877.LEVIEV1 (538-4381) | P/F: 305.428.3107 | info@theLevievgroup.com
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